Hard Luck


Mendocino 4x4 Club Safety

CA4WDC  Required  Safety  Checklist

  1. Roll bar or full cage or factory hardtop.
  2. Functional parking break or micro lock.
  3. Tow strap or rope (recommended rate at 2 times the vehicle weight.
  4. First Aid Kit
  5. Jack capable of lifting the vehicle and a tool capable of removing the lug nuts.
  6. Spare tire equal to or within 3 inches of existing tires on the vehicle (no temporary spares).
  7. Fire Extinguisher with gauge indication good/full, appropriately stored.
  8. Seat Belts for all passengers.
  9. Antennas must not exceed 4'-6", except when longer antennas/whips are required by certain OHV Areas.
  10. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e. tow hooks, receiver, etc.  Tow balls are not generally recommended.
  11. Battery hold downs (no bungie cords).

Other "should haves" for runs:

  1. CB radio.
  2. Good traction tires and ground clearance.
  3. Air compressor for airing tires back up.
  4. Membership in CA4WDC.



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