Hard Luck


Mendocino 4X4 Club News

November 2004
First annual Cow Mountain Challenge
The challenge was a blast and no injuries!
Who could ask for more.

August 2004
Jack and Season had a baby....Yippie!!!!!!!

Barrett Lake Run September 2004

You can think about perfect weather.
You can think about no bugs.
You can think about no music in the campground.
You can think about only a few people on the trail.
You can think about no break downs.

But if you were with us on the Barrett Lake run you would remember it well.

It was the perfect weekend.... bar none.

We also took a hike for a few miles (yes a webmaster can hike, sort of) to find the 1966 Army place crash. The crash site is easy to find and most of the plane is still there. It is really worth looking at. Jack ordered up the crash report so we will have more information about it in the future.



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