Hard Luck


Mendocino 4X4 Club Hard Luck

Blown rear driveshaft caused this error. Hooked up the winch to pull up the rock at Barrett Lake and munched the rim into the rock. The funny part was the other wheel was the same way just not as bad.
Katherine (non member, but joins us occasionally) gets caught on the Rubicon, balanced perfectly on this rock so that the front wheel and back wheels both turn, but her Jeep isn't going anywhere.  She was winched a few inches forward to get some traction.
Phil was almost able to traverse this little washout all the way to the top, but the tires slipped, and he fell in.  Only damage was the missing driver's side mirror and a few scrapes.
Someone convinced Noble that he could make it through this mud hole. Yeah, right!  Notice the back seat floating! He ultimately had to jump back into the water to pick up the winch cable.  After removing the spark plugs to make sure the engine wasn't flooded, it started up, and drove him to swim (drive?) another day.
And here's Terry again, on the Rubicon in 2000, blowing the bead on the other side. Nothing like a matched set, eh?
Jeff demonstrating how to NOT go through a mud hole
Jerry showing off his broken Dana 35C. This happened in the same mud hole that Jeff got stuck in (above).
Phil broke a heim joint on his steering over in Nevada. Fortunately some spare parts were available to get him on the road again!



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