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The By-Laws contained herein were approved and adopted by a quorum of club members via written ballot ( ) that were present at the May 14, 2007 regular monthly club meeting.

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The Name of this association shall be the Mendocino 4X4 Club.

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ARTICLE ll – Purposes

The purposes for which this club is organized are:

  1. Social
  2. To Provide an organization which may be called upon by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Unit or any other emergency services organization when in need of services
  3. To bring together and promote the interest of Four Wheeling as well as enjoying our country’s natural resources. To explore and traverse with their fellow members and other similar clubs, associations, and individuals of off highway opportunities on a local and state basis_ To always follow the guidelines of Tread Lightly! And the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs.
  4. The association shall operate without profit.

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ARTICLE III – Membership

Section 1: Types of membership:

There will be two types of membership, (a) Active Members and (b) Honorary Members

  1. Active Members: Must be over 18 years of age. New members shall become active members by majority vote of all active members present at a regular monthly meeting. A quorum is not needed to call for the vote. One vote per paid membership.
  2. Honorary Members: By nomination of the Board of Directors and by a majority vote of the active members present at a regular monthly meeting, and suitable person may be elected to Honorary Membership in the club. A quorum is not needed to call for the vote. No dues shall be required of such Honorary Members, nor shall they be entitled to vote or to hold office in the club.

Section 2: Eligibility:

Persons eligible for Active Membership in the club shall be those who are owners of, or have unlimited access to, four wheel drive vehicle, Applicants for membership shall be of suitable character and interest who, after fulfilling the requirements herein and paying dues, shall be eligible for membership in the club.

Section 3: Membership requirements to join:

All applicants for membership shall fulfill two (2) activity requirements.

  1. Attend two regular monthly club meetings within six months.
  2. Attend (as a driver in his/her 4X4) at least one club run where there is at least one Mendocino 4X4 Club Board of Director or 2 club members in Attendance.

Section 4: Voting in new members:

All applicants for membership shall be voted upon by the membership at the second or a following regular meeting that the applicant attends providing all of the activity requirements have been met and the Board of Directors has approved the applicant. A simple majority vote is needed. A quorum is not needed to call for the vote.

Section 5: CA4WDC Membership:

All active club members shall also e members of the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC). They can be members of the CA4WDC through the Mendocino 4X4 Club or another CA4WDC club or as an individual or life member. Dues for CA4WDC are paid through the Mendocino 4X4 Club if the member is a member of CA4WDC through the Mendocino 4X4 Club. If not, they are paid through another club affiliation or directly to CA4WDC if the member is an individual member.

Section 6: Attendance

Attendance at meetings and runs are encouraged. Each member shall attend at least one meeting per quarter for a total of four regular club meetings and two club runs per year. The Board of Directors can make exceptions under special circumstances.

Section 7: Dues:

The annual dues of each Active Membership of the club shall be $30.00 per year and shall be due and payable at the regularly scheduled club meeting in the month of April of each year. It is pro-rated at two dollars ($2.00) less per month from May to October and $20.00 therein through the end of the membership year in March for a new Active member. Dues are not refundable after acceptance into the club.

Dues Schedule

Due Schedule – Pro-rated dues schedules are as follows:
Mendocino 4X4 Club
($30.00 per year)
($45.00 per year- subject to change)
April $30.00 $45.00
May $28.00 $41.25
June $26.00 $37.50
July $24.00 $33.75
August $22.00 $30.00
September $20.00 $26.25
October $20.00 $22.50
November $20.00 $18.75
December $20.00 $15.00
January $20.00 $11.25
February $20.00 $7.50
March $20.00 $3.75

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ARTICLE IV – Meetings and Organized Runs

Section 1: Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings of the club shall be held at such time and place as selected by the membership. The Annual Meeting for the election of officers shall be at the March 3 4 meeting of each year. All organized club runs shall be under the full authority of the Run Leader.

Section 2: Annual Meeting

At the annual meeting the order of business shall be: First, Minutes of the previous meeting, Second, report of the Officers and the Board of Directors, Third, Treasurer’s Report. Fourth, New Business, Fifth, announcements of result of annual election, Sixth, Accomplishments of past year and progress report.

Section 3: Special Meetings

A special meeting or outing of the club may be called by the Board of Directors, The president, or whenever one third of the voting members of the club in good standing, shall make a request to the President for the same, specifying the object of the meeting, and provided that not less than five days notice of such special meeting shall be given to the members.

Section 4: Meeting Rules

All meetings shall be conducted according to the parliamentary rules and open discussion from the floor on all measures shall be permitted and encouraged.

Section 5: Calling of Meetings

The Board of Directors shall meet at the direction of the President as necessary, or when two or more such directors shall call for such director’s meeting.

Section 6: Run Rules

Alcohol or illegal drugs will not be consumed on the trails during club runs in compliance with CA4WDC rules and California state law.

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ARTICLE V – Quorum

Section 1: Quorum:

A quorum is 51% of the total Active Club members.

Section 2: Quorum requirements:

Business that requires a vote of the general membership shall be done at regular monthly meetings and will pass upon majority vote of the members present at such regular monthly meeting. A full quorum of all club members is not required. The exception is for changing or amending the hereto constitution & bylaws. (See ARTICLE XI Section 1.)

Section 3: Board of Directors

Meetings At a meeting of the Board of Directors, a majority of the total members of the Board shall constitute a quorum and a majority vote of the directors present at any such meeting shall . prevail.

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ARTICLE VI – Management

Section 1: Management of Club

The management of the Club shall be vested in the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a majority of the Board of Directors.

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ARTICLE VII – Officers and How Elected

Section 1: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of this Club shall consist of up to 7 active members. The Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, BLM Representative, Run Coordinator, and the CA4WDC state delegate. Officer and Directors of this Club shall be elected yearly at the Annual Meeting. Terms are to be limited to two consecutive terms.

Section 2: Officers

The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, BLM Representative, Run Coordinator, and the CA4WDC state delegate shall be elected by vote of the members and hold office for one year, or until their successors are elected and qualify.

Section 3 : Vacancy of Officers

In the event of a vacancy in any office, for any reason, the Board shall appoint an active member in good standing to fill the balance of the term until the next regular meeting, at which time their action will be ratified or rejected.

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ARTICLE VIII – Duties of Officers

(A) Board of Directors

Section 1: Board of Directors power

The Board of Directors, as a board, shall have the power to manage all the affairs of the Club on any and all questions relating in any manner whatsoever thereto, and to make all contracts necessary for the proper transactions of all business. They shall have entire jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the care, conduct, control, supervision, and management of the Club and its finances. They shall make all appropriations: provided, however, that the regular membership shall have final control and direction over the affairs of the Club and may by proper motion veto the decisions and actions of the Board.

Section 2: Club Property

It shall be the duty ofthe said Board of Directors to prescribe and publish rules regulating the care and protection of any property owned by the club.

Section 3: Resolutions affecting relations

In no case where a resolution has been passed at a meeting of the Board of Directors affecting the relations of any member of the club toward the club. Such resolution shall be reviewed at the subsequent meeting without notice in writing sent by the President to every member of the Board of Directors at least five days before the meeting that such previous action will be brought up for review or consideration.

Section 4: Specific Powers

The Board of Directors shall have the following specific powers:

  • (a) To appoint delegates to the different associations of which this club may be a member, or for the purpose of conferring with any association or club regarding any matter in which the club may be concerned.
  • (b) To make rules for the conduct of the member of the club and for their use of the club’s property.
  • (c) To suspend or expel a member for any conduct in violation of rules or behavior improper or prejudicial to the interest of the club.
  • (d) To fix and enforce penalties for the violation of rules.
  • (e) To remit penalties for offenses against rules.
  • (f) To prescribe rules for the admission of strangers or guests to the privileges of the club.
  • (g) To call special meetings of the club to consider special subjects.
  • (h) To make and amend the rules for the board’s own government and fix and enforce penalties for the violations of such rules.
  • (i) To prescribe additional duties for any of the officers, in addition to those herein set forth.

(B) President

Section 1: Duties

The president shall preside at all meetings of the club and Board of Directors and enforce all laws and regulations of the club. He/She shall perform such other duties as shall be imposed upon him/her by resolution of the Board of Directors. The President shall, with the Treasurer, sign all written contracts and written obligations of the club.

Section 2: Committees

The President shall have power to appoint committees whenever it becomes necessary.

(C) Vice-President

Section 1: Absence of the President

In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform his/her duties. In the event of the death or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall act until the Board of Directors fills the office.

Section 2: Membership Duties

The Vice-President shall be responsible for accepting new member applications, collect fees and reviewing applicants for compliance.

(D) Secretary

Section 1: Duties

The Secretary shall keep the minutes and other official reports of the Club. He/She shall conduct the official correspondence of the Club, He/She shall keep the records, books, documents, and the Board of Directors shall designate papers relating to the club in such a place as. He/She shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to them by the Board of Directors. The secretary shall also be charged with keeping track of who attends meetings and club runs.

(E) Treasurer

Section 1: Duties

The Treasurer shall keep account of all moneys received by him or her and deposit same in the name of the Club in such bank as shall be designated by the Board of Directors. He or she shall payout any money of the Club except in such manner and for such purposes as shall be approved by the proper officers of the Club, whose approval shall be authorized by motion or resolution of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall be responsible for money or funds of the Club paid out or disbursed upon checks or vouchers therefore which have been properly signed and countersigned. At each monthly meeting of the membership he or she shall make a statement of the financial condition of the Club, and shall submit a detailed report of the financial condition of the Club for the preceding fiscal year, which report may be audited by accountants of Finance Committee designated by the Board of Directors.

(F) Bureau of Land Management Representative

Section 1: Duties

The BLM Representative is responsible for communicating with BLM in club related matters (G) Run Coordinator Section 1: Duties The Run Coordinator

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ARTICLE IX – Suspension

Section 1: Dues Penalties

Any member who fails to pay the annual dues within thirty days after the same shall become due and payable, or who shall fail to pay any indebtedness to the Club within thirty days after a bill for same has been rendered, may be suspended from all privileges of membership, and may remain suspended until the full amount of such indebtedness shall have been paid.

Section 2: Late Fees

A late fee of $5.00 will be charged if dues are not paid prior to or at the April Meeting. If not paid by May 1st. the member will be dropped from the roster. Initiation proceedings would be required for reinstatement.

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ARTICLE X – Club Logos, Insignias, Decals, and Emblems

Section 1: Club Logo

Property All official Club logo’s, insignias, decals, emblem, and other assigned items are the property of the Club. Any member who resigns or who has been expelled or suspended from this Club must return all Club property to the custody of the Club within 30 days.

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ARTICLE XI – Amendments

Section 1: Amendments

Amendments hereto may be made at the annual meeting, or a meeting called for the purpose by two-thirds vote of all the members present, provided written notice of the proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Board of Directors and approved by a majority vote of the whole of said Board, and provided further, that notice of the proposed amendments shall be given to all members by the President. Amendments may be proposed at any regular meeting and acted upon at the next regular meeting. Amendments may be carried by a two-thirds majority vote to the members present at any regular meeting.

Section 2: Officers

Officers may be elected from the active membership. Any member of the Club who becomes an officer who is not a director shall automatically become a director until his term of office expires, and shall serve on the Board of Directors in that Capacity.

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